About Us

Outrageous Customer Service

It is our mission at SWGA Oil to provide a quality-centered environment that delivers “Outrageous Customer Service” to our valued customers while providing an inviting and challenging work environment for our employees.

  • We will delight our customers
  • We can always improve
  • We will find strength through teamwork
  • Every person makes a difference
  • Honesty, effort, and respect are expected of every employee

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are always looking to expand our team with focused and caring individuals who strive for providing outrageous customer service and enjoy a strong team environment. If this sounds like you, get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Clean Facilities

Whether at the pump or inside our stores, our Inland team works diligently to ensure a healthy and clean environment for all of our customers.

Friendly Staff

Our hardworking employees are the heart and soul of our company. We take pride in our team members and treat our customers like family.

Quality Products

From gasoline to snacks, Inland strives to provide top-notch fuel solutions and foodservice options at all of our locations.

Our History


Jimmy Harrell used $2,500 loan to buy an old tank truck to sell diesel fuel to local farmers. ...
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First service station – Bainbridge – fuel and oil only....
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Adopted “Inland” private brand name / Harrell was quoted saying he “dreamed to become the bigg...
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Continued to add Inland C-stores in Bainbridge and expand to other local cities. Created “Jimmini ...
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The Inland logo was updated to “bullet” image and stores were updated/expanded inside by offerin...
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Jimmy Harrell sold company to sons, Mike and Mark, and under new leadership the company evolved to a...
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Mike Harrell becomes sole owner of the company. Inland logo is reinvented for new century by updatin...
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Early 2000s

Continued to grow to nearly 30 locations in AL, GA, and FL. Company creates “Total Petroleum” fu...
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The Pantry buys out Sun Stop locations and SWGA Oil acquires Big Little stores in southern Alabama (...
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Revealed Sunny Saver rewards card (10 cents off program)....
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Acquired S&S Food Stores in FL (44 stores) which tripled our store count overnight to 66 locatio...
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We currently own and operate 77 locations in GA, FL, and AL after a few additional purchases. “Sun...
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